1D and 2D Code Reading

Improve traceability by quickly and accurately reading 1D and 2D codes on LED packaging and transport carriers

Overhead barcode reader decodes 1D and 2D barcodes during LED manufacturing process

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Traceability is critical during the LED production process. 1D and 2D codes, either laser-inscribed or printed on labels, carry important manufacturing information that provides track-back transparency for the supply chain. Codes are attached to carrier rings as well as finished packages. The barcodes contain key manufacturing information, lot number and quantity, as well as attributes such as LED brightness. At each step, the barcode is read to verify the accompanying manufacturing information is correct. Label machines can occasionally print a bad label, or the machine may not affix the label correctly. Smudged, wrinkled, flagged, or improperly placed labels reduce read rates and lead to costly manual rework and delayed shipments. Many laser-based barcode readers cannot read damaged labels, which adds time and cost to the process.

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Using a Cognex ESD-safe DataMan fixed mount image-based barcode reader helps verify that carrier and package labels are correct. Cognex barcode readers use advanced algorithms to achieve 99.9% read rates—even if codes are damaged or smudged. With code quality metrics, DataMan barcode readers can flag inferior quality codes for immediate resolution before they make their way into downstream processes. This diverts the problematic label for immediate rework, so they do not cause issues later in the supply chain. In addition, if codes are consistently misapplied or wrinkled, the readers’ code grading allows production personnel to identify and fix printer errors to minimize problems downstream.

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