2D Code Reading on Glass Substrate

Accurately read low-contrast etched barcodes on glass

2D code reading on cover glass

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Coated glass for smartphone or other electronic device screens comes from the OEM in large sheets with a discrete etched 2D code on it. This glass substrate is cut into appropriate sizes for the smartphone screens and each part must be traceable back to the sheet it came from for quality traceability throughout the production process.

The small direct part marked (DPM) barcode on the glass is difficult for traditional barcode readers to see and read due to the lack of contrast on the glass substrate surface. If the barcode is not read and there are quality issues with displays, manufacturers cannot trace those issues back to the original substrate.

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Cognex DataMan fixed-mount barcode readers are the ideal solution for deciphering 2D etched codes on glass substrate because the high dynamic range (HDR) technology increases image contrast and readability to maximize read rates even on the most challenging codes. The high-resolution camera captures images and processes difficult to read 2D codes even on high-speed production applications. The 2DMax barcode reading algorithm, combined with PowerGrid technology, reliably reads all types of 2D codes, including DataMatrix, QR Code, and Vericode, even if those codes are damaged, occluded, or missing vital elements.

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