Categorization and Product Sortation

Improve efficiency of your sortation process, regardless of package type

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Retail distributors and ecommerce fulfillment facilities seek to maximize efficiencies throughout their operational workflows. Items of varying sizes, shapes, and fragility need to be sorted prior to shipment to retailers or end users. Organizations need the ability to intelligently guide products through processes. Sortation equipment tends to be specific to handling items of certain attributes, only box-type packages (cuboidal) of a certain size for example, which means if non-conforming items are incorrectly sorted, they can jam up the process or become damaged. This causes wasted time, extra money, and inefficiency.

Typical sensing devices used on sorting lines cannot extract granular data that can be used to make these types of decisions with acceptable error rates. Manual operations, such as measuring, can be time consuming and are open to interpretation. It can be difficult to find a single solution that handles multiple processes, such as static (manual stations), dynamic (in motion), or complex processes that have curved or roller conveyance.

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The Cognex 3D-A1000 dimensioning system, using both 3D and 2D cameras, captures both dimensional and volumetric data which can be used for reliable detection and feedback during sorting operations. The system categorizes cuboidal and non-cuboidal objects as well as a confidence score on the data. In addition, it captures and outputs length, width, and height measurements and object positional data (where it is on the belt). Using the Cognex 3D-A1000 dimensioning system in front of ship sorters keeps operational workflows moving smoothly, prevents items from being incorrectly sorted, and reduces manual handling. The solution can be implemented in either a static (manual station) or dynamic (in motion) format and is compact, quick to deploy, and easy to use.

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