Food and Beverage

Foreign Object Inspection

Machine vision systems inspect food and beverage products to detect and reject contamination

Foreign object inspection

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Under intense scrutiny by regulators as well as consumers, the food and beverage industry is embracing advanced automation with machine vision to safeguard its products. Machine vision systems help manufacturers achieve the highest levels of safety and confidence to prevent devastating recalls and preserve brand reputation. Any manufacturer who has to scrap valuable product or who has experienced a recall due to an inspection failure knows the the value of vision in product assembly. During the processing stage, raw ingredients arrive in a manufacturing facility for sorting via conveyors and sometimes blowers. Items are sorted by size, condition, and form and funneled to containers. On rare occasions, contaminants make their way onto the line.

Vision inspection systems are designed to detect the presence of foreign objects before they cause contamination. The In-Sight 5000 vision system with PatMax RedLine pattern-matching and color tools inspect ingredients and detect foreign objects that don’t resemble other items before they proceed further in the manufacturing process. Early detection is critical to removing contaminants from the supply chain and reducing the risk to consumers. It also helps resume normal operations quickly and limits the potential for recalls.

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