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Tamper-Proof and Safety Seal Inspection

Machine vision systems inspect seals and packaging for integrity

Tamper-proof and safety seal inspection

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Tamper-evident (also known as tamper-proof) packaging has become a common safety measure used in many food and beverage products to prevent contamination and spillage and maintain the integrity of finished goods. Tamper-evident seals, rings, and sachets guarantee the quality and freshness of a product to customers, as well as provide a level of security to manufacturers. Intact tamper technology conveys the safety and trustworthiness of a finished product, but production errors can occur in the final sealing stages of primary packaging, affecting safety seals. Normal wear and tear of production machines make it nearly impossible to manufacture 100% defect-free products, so a quality control and detection process becomes essential to keep those products from leaving the line and reaching the market.

After a product has been checked for correct fill level and cap placement, vision systems inspect closures to verify seal integrity and specifically to verify tamper-evident band and safety seal presence. For bottles with safety rings, the vision systems validate that the ring is not cocked and has been torqued correctly.

The Cognex In-Sight 7000 vision system with PatMax RedLine pattern-matching technology quickly locates the tamper seal and verifies its integrity for accurate and repeatable inspections. PatMax RedLine detects safety seals’ edges and measures their height, width, relative position, and gap size (if present), comparing them to the programmed limits. Tamper seal dimensions which do not comply with programmed limits are rejected.

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