Wafer and Die Alignment

Accurately align wafer and dies to ensure reliable performance

Wafer and Die Alignment

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Many steps of the semiconductor manufacturing process require highly precise alignment, such as the photolithography process, wafer probe and test, wafer mounting, and dicing. To meet industry demand, semiconductor manufacturers use high-speed automation production systems that require minimal intervention. Poorly performing vision alignment systems stop more frequently for manual intervention and maintenance, which disrupts the production process and adds to support costs. In addition to production inefficiencies, poor alignment can decrease wafer yields and electrical functionality of die circuits.

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PatMax technology provides robust, accurate, and fast wafer and die pattern location for wafer inspection, probing, mounting, dicing, and testing equipment to help avoid these problems. PatMax uses patented geometric pattern-finding algorithms to locate and align variable wafer and die patterns. It aligns wafers and dies with high accuracy and high repeatability, ensuring reliable equipment performance throughout the semiconductor manufacturing process. With Cognex, OEMs can optimize their equipment’s overall performance, improving quality and yield.

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