Tire Assembly Inspection

Vision system error proofs tire assembly

Cognex In-Sight tire assembly factory inspection

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In tire manufacturing, a common objective is to remove any defective tires from the line as soon as possible to avoid adding value to scrap. An important inspection occurs when the tire plies and tread bands are assembled onto the carcass before vulcanization. The tread band at this point does not yet have a tread but it does have one or more grooves with the middle groove serving as a critical reference point.

Tread Band Alignment

Incorrect positioning of the tread band on the carcass can occur. Snaking is another potential problem that occurs when the components on the carcass move during assembly. The cycle time of the inspection typically must be less than the one minute to avoid impacting throughput. This envelope of time limits the amount of manual inspection that can be performed and there is the potential for inspector error when fatigue or distraction sets in.

Cognex In-Sight® vision systems can be installed for tire assembly inspection to view the entire tread band as it is turned by rollers which are used to bind the assembly together. The vision systems are generally configured with a few mouse clicks to make the necessary measurements. The vision systems’ rugged industrial design enables them to carry out precise, high accuracy measurements, without influence from the plants’ production environment.
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