Tire and Wheel Identification

Ensure specified tires and wheels are installed to correct model

In-Sight D900 identifies and classifies electric vehicle tires based on tread patterns

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In-Sight D900

In-Sight D900

Powered by In-Sight ViDi Deep Learning-Based Vision Software

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VisionPro Deep Learning

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Vehicle assembly plants require that the correct tires be mounted to the correct wheels before being mounted on the vehicle. Incorrect wheel assembly causes rework and slows down throughput. Tires may be identified by tread pattern. The tread on modern high-performance tires varies not just from one model to another, but continuously all the way around the tire’s circumference, with tread patterns appearing different on the outer wall of the tire than they do closer to the inside of the tire. The tire model must be accurately identified despite this variation. Identification of a tire using its tread is critical to ensure that the correct tire is matched to the correct wheel before it is assembled to the vehicle.

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Tires and wheels must be accurately and quickly classified so that manufacturers can install the specified model. Cognex Deep Learning simplifies and automates the identification of a tire from any part of its tread and a wheel from elements of its design. The classification tool learns to identify and sort the different tire tread patterns from a set of training images. It then groups tires and wheels according to their class, ensuring the correct part is selected and installed on the vehicle.

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