Battery Inspection

Vision systems inspect battery features, read text labels

Battery Inspection

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A stop-start system shuts down and restarts a car’s engine to reduce idling time, fuel consumption and harmful emissions. The broader use of start-stop technology increases the importance of battery performance and reliability. Battery inspection is typically conducted manually which is not completely accurate. Inspectors quickly lose concentration due to the repetitive nature of the task. This can result in defective batteries shipping to customers.

100% In-line Inspection

Cognex® In-Sight® vision systems and DataMan® image-based barcode readers provide 100% accuracy with 0% error. Typically, six In-Sight vision systems and one DataMan reader inspect delivery-ready and labeled batteries from five sides. The In-Sight vision systems verify the position and completeness of the labels, detect the presence of pole caps and grips and measure battery and vent dimensions. If a battery feature exceeds the product-specific tolerances, the battery is removed and the error is displayed on an operator display. The operator then has the opportunity to check the product again after correcting the defect via the rework conveyor belt.

Battery traceability is important for the manufacturer because it contains information about battery type, date of manufacture and product type. After final battery inspection is complete, the information can be transferred to a label printer which prints a Data Matrix code that can be placed on the battery. The data from the Data Matrix code can be archived so that, in the event of a complaint, it can be retrieved.
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