Final Packaging Inspection

Confirm that medical kits are complete and undamaged before final shipment

Fail inspection result of medical kit

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Completed and packed medical kits made up of several parts are checked for completeness and damage through X-ray imaging immediately before shipping. Individual parts were inspected previously, and this final check ensures that they have all been placed in the kit without damage.

All parts of the medical kit are necessary for use, and a single missing or damaged component can make the kit useless. The kits are sealed, so the end user cannot confirm the contents until the time of use, at which point there might not be a usable kit available.

The presence of flexible parts such as tubing and the wide variations in the appearances of three-dimensional objects make it almost impossible for conventional machine vision to confirm medical kit completeness.

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Cognex Deep Learning reliably inspects packed medical kits for defects. It trains on a variety of images of completed kits, with components at various angles and flexible tubing in various conformations. The part location tool then locates and confirms the presence of all the necessary components, regardless of the many possible variations in their appearance. Components damaged during assembly fall outside of the permitted range of variation and also cause the kit to fail final inspection.

Healthcare end users are assured of the completeness and usability of packaged medical kits.


X-ray inspection of medical kit


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