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USB Connector Inspection

Visually determine USB connector functionality

Mini USB connector inspection

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Smartphones need a USB connector in order to charge and transfer data. This connector is typically made by an OEM and needs to be inspected on all sides before being cleared for installation. The connector consists of power and data contacts, shielding, and some form of mount connector.

USB connectors can show a wide variety of defects, including burn, short shot, dust, scratch, and shifts, on all sides. Tiny, almost invisible defects on the working end of the connector can have large effects on how well the cable will connect, how tightly it is held, and how easy it is to remove again. Such a connector has to work for the lifetime of the phone.

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Cognex Deep Learning’s defect detection tool identifies a wide variety of both functionally significant appearance variations and those with no functional impact. It then learns to distinguish these different types of defects from each other. Because deep learning applications are example-based instead of rules-based, it is possible to ignore acceptable cosmetic abnormalities and focus only on those defects that could impede function. This makes solving the problem simpler and faster. When deployed on the line, lighting and part presentation are critical to catching as many defects as possible.

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