Transmission Assembly Inspection

Vision system error proofs transmission assembly, withstands harsh environments

Automotive Transmission Assembly Inspection

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Automotive transmission assembly lines accommodate a wide variety of parts including clutch packs, carriers, constant velocity joints, valve bodies, pistons, seals and snap rings. A missing part or an assembly defect may affect vehicle performance and could result in an accident. Each assembly step requires inspection to ensure that the correct parts have been used and that they meet tolerance requirements. The production environment is an important consideration when implementing a vision system for transmission assembly inspection. Oil, dust, moisture and vibration may affect vision system performance. Robust camera enclosures, periodic lens cleaning and selection of high flex cables if cameras are moving may be required.

Eliminate Defects and Product Recalls

Many customers have selected Cognex® In-Sight® vision systems for transmission assembly inspection to eliminate defects and product recalls. The In-Sight vision system has powerful patented vision tools that are configured using the EasyBuilder® interface without the need for programming. EasyBuilder, a graphical configuration environment makes gauging, inspection, guidance and identification applications simple to set up and deploy. In-Sight systems simply and easily integrates into production line automation systems. Connectivity is an essential application element to share data and support decision making. Networking enables In-Sight systems to transmit pass/fail results to PCs for analysis or communicate directly with PLCs. PatMax uses advanced geometric pattern matching technology to reliably and accurately locate parts. Even under the most challenging conditions, PatMax can significantly reduce or eliminate fixturing costs.

In-Sight vision systems are designed to operate in harsh industrial environments. Rugged die-cast aluminum cases, stainless steel enclosures, sealed M12 connectors and IP67- and IP68-rated lens covers can withstand the vibration and provide protection against dust and moisture.

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