Solve the most challenging vision applications with AI-based automation

The In-Sight® D900 vision system automates complex applications that are too difficult to deploy with traditional, rule-based machine vision and require reliable, fast, and consistent results not possible with human inspection. Embedded with a full suite of both edge learning and deep learning tools, In-Sight D900 solves a range of tasks from defect detection to assembly verification and optical character recognition (OCR). Processing takes place on-device, which eliminates the need for a PC, simplifying application deployment and bringing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to non-programmers.

ISD900 - OCR Application examples on different metal surfaces

Read challenging characters and text in minutes

The In-Sight D900 deciphers badly deformed, skewed, and poorly etched codes using optical character recognition. Equipped with a pre-trained font library, the read tool works right out of the box, drastically reducing development time. Simply define the region of interest and set the character size. In situations where new characters are introduced, the tool can be easily retrained to read application-specific characters.

Perform fast and accurate assembly verification

The In-Sight D900 uses AI to reliably detect complex features and objects and verifies parts and kits are assembled correctly based on their location within a pre-defined layout. The check tool can be trained to recognize an extensive number, and variety, of components, which can be located in the image even if they appear at different angles or vary in size.

electronics for computer mouse and vaccine kit
screw with missing tip and bent pin on power source

Detect and analyze subtle defects

The detect tool embedded within the In-Sight D900 is ideal for finding anomalies on complex parts and surfaces, even in situations where defects can be unpredictable in their appearance.

See the In-Sight D900 in 360 degrees

Get a closer look at the advanced features the In-Sight D900 has to offer in a fully interactive guided 3D tour.

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Precisely classify any defect

The classify tool leverages AI to automatically identify and sort defects into classes. Within the same class of objects, it discerns visually similar, but different defects to determine whether they are true defects or acceptable abnormalities.

In-Sight Vision Suite - Spreadsheet software interface inspecting computer mouse PCB
ISD900 - Modularity of available lenses and accessories

Solve simple classification problems quickly and easily

The In-Sight D900 is embedded with powerful edge learning tools that leverage AI technology to learn “on the edge,” in real time, delivering fast, accurate results. The tools are simple to setup, requiring smaller image sets and shorter validation periods than traditional deep learning. They can be trained in minutes using as few as five to ten images per class with no coding required. This makes them an accessible automation solution for a range of users and skill levels.

Quickly setup and deploy applications with In-Sight spreadsheet

With an intuitive interface and a full communications function set, In-Sight spreadsheet simplifies application development and streamlines factory integration. It also allows you to combine rule-based and AI vision tools in the same project, leading to quicker deployments and faster cycle times.

In-Sight Vision Suite Web-based HMI inspecting computer mouse circuit board
Images captured by ViDi Classify differentiating between dent, stain, and scratch defects

Address your current and future needs with hardware modularity

Highly flexible in design, the In-Sight D900 includes field-changeable lighting, lenses, filters, and covers that can be customized to match your exact application requirements. It also includes an embedded inference engine that solves complex tasks at production line speeds.

Simplify training and deployment with intuitive web-based HMI

The In-Sight D900 vision system offers mobile, platform independent visualization for accessing HMIs (human machine interfaces) through In-Sight software. A simple point-and-click interface allows customers to build highly interactive, web-based HMIs remotely that are accessible via a web browser over the network.

Training interface of deep learning classification tool


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