Mobile Device Speaker Mesh Inspection

Confirm that cell phone speaker mesh is defect-free before installation

Cognex camera inspects Mobile Device Speaker Mesh

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The speaker mesh is a piece of perforated metal that protects a smartphone acoustic module from dust and damage while maintaining sound clarity. A mesh can suffer from a variety of defects, including scratches, tears, bends, foreign inclusions, broken edges, and damage from the press. The metal mesh is visually complex, with reflections and highlights in various places.

A small change in viewing angle can change the image pattern, and defects such as subtle deformations can appear in any part of the image. The wide range of possible defects combined with the complexity of the visual field makes it difficult for traditional machine vision to consistently find and identify defects.

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Cognex Deep Learning’s defect detection tool learns what a defect-free speaker mesh should look like from a set of training images. These images provide examples of acceptable speaker meshes to train the range of possible defects. Following this process, the defect detector tool can detect even minuscule defects in speaker mesh, regardless of where they are located, what they look like, and what reflections there might be. These types of inspections increase accuracy, consistency, and stability.

Even when the speaker mesh design changes with the phone model, the defect detection tool can be retrained quickly, even by a worker without vision system expertise, to begin inspecting the new mesh style quickly.


Examples of good and no good speaker mesh


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