3D Tire Inspection

Quickly and reliably read text on backgrounds of the same color

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In manufacturing, operating at high speeds while maintaining or increasing quality is key to staying competitive. The automotive industry has tied speed to cost since the very first assembly line. Today, production lines move at speeds where a few minutes may represent millions of dollars. As vehicles become more complex, connected, and regulated, it is imperative that automotive manufacturers inspect processes and materials while avoiding bottlenecks to protect productivity and human life. Fortunately, smart vision solutions and advanced, easy-to-use software are working to solve the automotive industry’s challenges, including one of the most complex applications – reading text the same color as the background material on tires and similar products.

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3D Solutions to Keep the Automotive Industry Moving

Automotive manufacturers are presented with a myriad of challenges. For instance, tire inspection involves accurately operating in a continuous process while detecting web, overlap, and other defects. Inspecting complex geometries and heights is difficult for 2D vision systems, especially detecting black features on a black tire surface. To capture imperfections accurately and repeatedly, 3D solutions, such as the compact, In-Sight 3D-L4000, are needed.

Developed with Simplicity in Mind

Compact 3D imaging solutions must be easy to use and offer software that in-house technicians are able to integrate, manage, and maintain. The In-Sight 3D-L4000 works seamlessly with In-Sight software, which is based on a familiar spreadsheet programming methodology. Both experienced and new technicians can set up vision tools quickly and easily. Then the software does the rest, determining every pixel above and below set planes with linear measurements, and highlighting features in a simple user interface (UI) that communicates clearly to every user the health of the production line. Changes and maintenance are easy with true 3D edge, blob, and other tools designed specifically for 3D imaging that provide accurate and repeatable results in high-speed, high-quality processes.



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