Choosing a Vision Sensor Solution

In-Sight 2000 Modularity lens, lighting, fliters, and covers

Development environment, lighting, and modularity are important requirements

Technology and application requirements for automated inspections are constantly evolving. Development environment, lighting, and modularity are some of the most important features to consider when selecting a vision sensor.

Standardized Set-Up Environment

Even novice vision users should be able to easily set up, configure, and install a vision sensor. When selecting a vision sensor, consider not only current inspection needs but also future applications that may require more powerful and flexible vision systems. Fast processing and a reliable communications link to other factory automation equipment are essential.

Integrated Lighting

Factory environments and space constraints can make it difficult to achieve proper lighting conditions. This can be problematic for vision sensors, which rely on even, diffuse lighting to fixture parts and perform robust inspections with brightness, contrast, and pixel count tools. Vision sensors typically come with integrated lighting and can be connected to additional external lighting if required. Selecting a vision sensor with built-in lighting saves money on external illumination and mounting fixtures.

Flexible, Modular Design

It can be difficult to mount a vision sensor in the precise location to achieve optimal FOV, image resolution, and part illumination. Vision sensors with small form factors, which fit into any space and can be configured for in-line and right-angle mounting installation, help get inspections up and running quickly. Modular design simplifies optical paths and cable routing and allows users to change lights, optics, and lenses in the field for quick line changeovers or application modifications. Models with autofocus lenses eliminate the need to manually refocus or adjust mounting height.

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