Vision Sensor Advantages 

Electronics Gasket Inspection presence check pass fail

Vision sensors solve factory automation inspections

Vision sensors provide fast pass/fail, yes/no, and go/no-go results to solve automated inspection challenges in ways which differ from other sensor types and are especially well-suited for factory automation. Vision sensors use machine vision tools to perform multiple inspections from a single acquired image.

Key Vision Sensor Features

Vision sensors offer manufacturers many advantages.

Icon - Identifies features

Identifies features photoelectric sensors cannot

Vision sensors locate and inspect highly patterned features that other sensors can’t.

Icon - Eliminates external triggers

Eliminates external triggers

Vision sensors overcome imprecise part positioning using patented multi-image analysis to determine whether a part is present.

Icon - Multiple features

Inspects multiple part features

A single vision sensor can perform multiple inspection types in a target image.

Icon - Smart display or PC

Works on a smart display or PC

Operators can set up new parameters or adjust existing inspections on a PC for easy interaction on the factory floor.

Icon - Optimize illumination

Optimizes illumination, brightness, and image contrast

Modular vision sensors can be outfitted with flexible lighting and filter options to create better images and achieve more consistent and reliable results.

Icon - Misalignment and variability

Handles misalignment and variability

Vision sensors can detect objects regardless of their speed or position on the line--no mechanical fixturing required.

Icon - Easy to Use

Easy to use

Simple development environments are designed for both new and existing users.

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