Benefits of Verification

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Barcode verification improves code quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction

A barcode that does not scan correctly can cause serious problems, from manufacturing errors and production downtime to product returns and even fines. A failure to scan can be catastrophic, slowing down lines and causing costly reprints, wasted product, and chargebacks. Barcode verification allows anyone printing or marking codes to help prevent these issues and more.

Quality Control

The cost of reprinting and then reshipping corrected batches can be expensive. Verification can alert code producers to printing issues early in production. By monitoring verification results printers can pinpoint a code’s problem areas when quality starts to decline and take corrective action right away. Successful verification ensures that a label or direct part marker is working properly, and that codes will be readable throughout the supply chain. Verification reduces product returns, packaging waste, and other expenses.

Customer Satisfaction

Major retailers are known for issuing costly chargebacks and rejecting material that does not meet their standards for barcode readability. Rejected material is a serious expense that can cut into profitability and customer satisfaction. Barcodes that scan correctly don't incur fines and avoid errors introduced by manual entry. For this reason, barcode verification has become an essential factor in supply chain management.

Contract and Industry Compliance

As well as helping to improve code quality, a verifier generates reports to certify the quality of a producer’s codes. This is why an increasing number of regulated industries require that manufactures use barcode verifiers. Reports can be printed or exported to a storage archive to prove compliance with contract and industry requirements. Most verification software will also check that the data within the barcode is formatted according to the application standard for a specific industry.

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