The DataMan 280 is an all purpose, all powerful barcode reader designed to perform in a variety of code-reading environments. DataMan 280 readers are engineered to track and trace items throughout manufacturing and logistics facilities. From hands-free code reading in a logistics warehouse to decoding direct part markings (DPMs) in a manufacturing plant, DataMan 280 readers increase traceability and boost throughput by delivering the highest read rates.

Key Features:

  • High performance in a compact package: Improve throughput and productivity across a variety of applications using industry-leading 1D/2D algorithms and uniform lighting.
  • Robust reading: Operate in the most challenging code-reading environments with dynamic auto-focus and advanced high dynamic range imaging.
  • Out-of-the-box functionality: Unbox, install, and decode with fast, intuitive deployment even for specialized applications.
  • Flexible connectivity and communications: increase efficiency and exchange information faster using 1gigabit/second Ethernet, rapid image offload, easy data management, and multi-reader sync.

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DataMan 280 reading multiple codes on box
DataMan 280 series barcode readers can expediate logistics processing

Solve tough manufacturing and logistics applications

DataMan 280 series are versatile barcode readers that can adapt to virtually any manufacturing or logistics environment and solve a variety of code-reading challenges. DataMan 280 series barcode readers provide unprecedented read rates on 1D and 2D label-based codes and DPMs.

The reader’s ability to decode difficult DPMs, label-based codes, and operate in hands-free scanning situations can assist a variety of facilities increase throughput, streamline workflows, and achieve greater efficiency.

See the DataMan 280 in 360 degrees

Get a closer look at the advanced features the DataMan 280 has to offer in a fully interactive guided 3D tour.

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Take your operations to the next level with advanced reading and imaging technology

DataMan 280 readers leverage patented decoding algorithms and imaging technology to improve efficiency and throughput by maintaining high read rates in poor lighting environments and when codes are damaged.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology enhances image quality and contrast to improve code handling and enable greater coverage for better efficiency. High-speed Liquid Lens Technology (HSLL) dynamically autofocuses without any mechanical parts, enabling the reader to solve high-speed, high-variability applications with ease.

1D OCR and 1D, 2D code reading challenging codes successfully
Photographs of the DataMan 282 with red, white, blue, and green lighting.
Users can seamlessly switch between red, white, blue, and green lighting with the HPIT.

High-Powered Integrated Torch (HPIT): Enhanced code reading with a single click

Cognex’s high-powered integrated torch (HPIT) enables operators to toggle between red, white, blue, and green lighting options. This ensures users have the right lighting for the right application by providing optimal contrast, no matter the operating environment. Multicolor lighting can also serve as a performance indicator, delivering immediate color-coded operator feedback.

Simplify setup and deployment real-time performance monitoring with Edge Intelligence

DataMan 280 series readers combined with Cognex Edge Intelligence (EI) transform big data into smart data to improve overall equipment effectiveness and throughput. EI allows users to configure multiple devices simultaneously, facilitating immediate system performance monitoring and analysis. The technology informs users when issues occur, allowing operators to identify and resolve root causes faster using powerful analytics and image view tools.

Performance monitoring dashboard


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