Verification software provides clear and easy to read results

The DataMan 475VS barcode verification software provides intuitive visual diagnostic information to identify one-off or trending code quality issues. It assigns an overall grade to a code based on measurements of ISO-defined quality parameters. These parameters measure several factors that affect a barcode reader’s ability to identify and decode a code, maximizing read rates down-process.

Whether using for real-time diagnostics, archiving results for traceability and compliance, or aggregating for statistical process analysis, the DataMan 475VS provides the flexibility and wealth of data to meet your code quality assurance needs.

Easily focus for accurate verification results

Animated image of barcode verifier on stand being adjusted to focus on a DPM barcode

The Focus Feedback software tool guides users on precisely how to adjust the height of the stand to properly focus the verifier. Visual confirmation is given when the code is in focus, so users never have to second guess the accuracy of their verifier.

Customize and easily export detailed reports

two barcode verification reports, one of a 2d barcode and one of a 1d barcode

Reports do more than show that codes meet quality standards, they also prove the level of quality at the time of arrival or departure of a facility. Reports act as proof barcodes can be read or not read.

Save, export, or archive verification results

list of passed and failed barcode types with a digital cloud background

Automatically save customizable PDF or HTML reports with ease. Results can also be archived or exported to an FTP server or the cloud.



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