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Physical and digital encryption technology reduce diversion and counterfeiting

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Many items become susceptible to counterfeiting when their origin and authenticity cannot be verified. To combat the distribution of falsified, mislabeled, and potentially hazardous items, manufacturers are turning to item-level serialization. DataMatrix codes allow detailed information about the manufacturer, product ID, expiration, and a unique serial number to be marked on individual finished goods and their packaging. This makes commonly counterfeited goods traceable and authenticable at multiple stages of handling and at the point of sale.

In addition to embedding critical product information in codes, companies can take one step further by using digital and physical encryption. Cognex solutions help isolate the source and extent of safety, quality, and counterfeiting control problems with authentication technologies that are compatible through all stages of the supply chain. Cognex and Inexto’s Inextimate digital technology creates and authenticates secure codes by capturing the unique fingerprints of paper structures, generating a material-based code that is impossible to hack. For industries that use physical encryption techniques such as UV or hologram, Cognex provides secure DataMatrix encryption technology and DataMan readers which can read these hidden or encrypted codes.

Key benefits include:
  • Vision system reads the unique signature and sends it to the code generator for processing
  • Inextimate technology generates a digital fingerprint based on the package’s unique material properties
  • Two identical products can be differentiated based on the structure of their material or substrate
  • A GS1-compliant code is generated containing a unique, secure serial number
  • Print-and-apply machine attaches label to product
  • Products enter supply chain with unbreakable authentication
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