Label Verification

Ensure shipping labels are printed and applied correctly for end-to-end traceability

Barcode verifier grading code on shipping label

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DataMan 370 Series

Fixed-mount barcode readers deliver superior read performance for the broadest range of applications.


DataMan 475V Series

Inline barcode verifier provides automated high-speed verification and quality reporting.

The center of a logistics system is the accurate printing and application of a shipping tracking label. The information on this label is what enables sorting and routing, from packing to final destination.

Each package is marked with an initial license plate number (LPN) 1D barcode when it enters order fulfillment. A shipping label is generated from this LPN and applied to the package. It must then be verified that the LPN and shipping labels match, that the label information is complete, and that the label has been applied without wrinkling, misplacement, or other damage. Any problems need to be detected immediately, and the package diverted for rework before it enters the sortation process. Catching issues upstream will help prevent problems further down the line where errors are more time-consuming to correct.

For pharmaceutical products, these labels contain significant additional information required for tracking and serialization. If not caught and corrected, missing or incorrect information on the label can lead to shipping to the wrong person or location, or even be a recall risk.

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Label verification is reliably solved with Cognex image-based barcode readers and verifiers. DataMan 370 series barcode readers read LPN and shipping labels with 99.9% accuracy, to verify matches and immediately flag defective and poor-quality codes or non-matching product for immediate resolution. DataMan 370 readers read multiple codes simultaneous, ensuring that all of the information on UPC, UDI and other code labels is complete.

The more closely and consistently code quality is checked, the more quickly potential problems can be identified and corrected. DataMan 475V inline barcode verifiers with integrated lighting deliver automated high-speed verification and grading of barcodes on the line, without requiring sample packages to be manually removed and tested offsite, the usual method. This enables continual troubleshooting of printing and application processes anywhere in the facility, maximizing both quality and uptime.

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