Pack aggregation and palletization

Quick and accurate barcode reading and vision-guided robotics

multiple barcode reading on pallets

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In preparation for shipping, medical device kits are aggregated into cases according to specific orders and then put on pallets. Cases may contain the same contents or be a mixture of different assemblies. The accuracy of the case contents must be verified and any missing items identified. This requires a large field of view to read a lot of codes and text at one time as well as advanced inspection tools for reliable pack confirmation.

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With large depth-of-field and wide field-of-view coverage, Cognex image-based barcode readers can read multiple codes simultaneously on inbound and outbound pallets. High-powered integrated lighting quickly adapts to changes in working distances to ensure codes are read quickly and accurately.

Cognex vision sensors perform a simple count of the objects in a case or pallet, passing or failing based on the programmed value. They verify that all items are present even under shrink-wrapped packaging. Cognex deep learning part location tool finds complex features and objects by learning from annotated images. Self-learning algorithms locate different types of items on very noisy backgrounds or other complex objects in bulk.

Machine vision can also be used in tandem with robotics when picking loose products off of a conveyor to feed a process or palletizing cases for distribution. Vision-guided robotics eliminates the need to physically handle the products minimizing risk of contamination and providing production flexibility without a tooling changeover.

vision-guided robotic case packing and palletization

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