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Optical Character Recognition on IV Bags

Cognex ViDi deciphers human-readable characters on flexible, shiny surfaces

Cognex OCR on IV Bags

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Hospitals rely on machine vision to read and verify characters printed on hospital supplies like IV bags. When there is no standard font used in alphanumeric codes, this can require extensive training to teach the vision system to recognize the multiple fonts and styles it may encounter, especially on wrinkled surfaces like IV bags. Characters that are printed poorly, either on labels or directly onto packaging, can also cause optical character recognition (OCR) challenges.

The Cognex ViDi Blue-Read tool deciphers badly deformed, skewed, and poorly etched characters using optical character recognition (OCR) and verification (OCV). The pretrained, omni-font library identifies most text out-of-the-box, without additional programming or font training. This makes for fast, easy implementation with limited development.This robust tool can be retrained to adjust to specific OCR application requirements or misread characters.

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