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Label Print Quality Inspection

Barcode readers identify poorly printed and damaged codes on labels and protect against print quality degradation

Label print quality inspection

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Whether during the processing, packaging, or distribution stages, nearly every food and beverage application requires barcode reading. For parts which are handled multiple times along the production and supply chains, barcode label degradation is a serious problem. Barcodes can become damaged and difficult to read. Items may have poorly printed, low-contrast, scratched, or otherwise hard-to-read codes.

During secondary packaging, items are weighed and the data transferred to the controller, which generates a label containing product-specific data such as origin, date, amount, or class which is applied to the container by a label dispenser. Smudging and low-contrast printing commonly affect print-and-apply inkjet labels, jeopardizing the readability of many codes. Barcode printing errors and poor label quality require manual intervention, slowing down production and presenting challenges to vendors and partners once product leaves the plant. Low-contrast labels challenge many typical industrial barcode readers. Manufacturers must ascertain barcode quality before a shipment leaves the facility to prevent no-reads further along the supply chain.

Cognex image-based barcode readers ensure codes remain readable downstream and in the face of tough industrial conditions. DataMan barcode readers quickly decode 1-D and 2-D codes with the highest read rates in the industry to increase the speed, accuracy, and productivity of an entire operation. Advanced algorithms quickly and accurately read even the most challenging codes with variations in contrast, resolution, and quiet zone violations. For a factory printing low-contrast labels, DataMan readers successfully decipher codes and collect readability data as Process Control Metrics (PCM) for plant managers. Cognex Explorer Real Time Monitoring (RTM) trends PCMs for facility and plant managers so that they can identify the root cause of performance issues. RTM flags readability issues and no-reads as soon as they occur and points to the controller’s label printer as being low in ink.

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