Packaging traceability

Track and trace goods throughout the supply chain

Mounted Cognex In-Sight reading box batch numbers for traceability

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Packaging traceability is critically important for the overall safety of food and beverage products, which must be continuously monitored and occasionally recalled. It is also important for the security of products which are increasingly threatened by counterfeiting and theft. And finally, there are global regulations that must be met to provide a trail of information that follows each item through the supply chain. To ensure proper packaging traceability, food and beverage producers must be able to quickly identify and locate products in the supply chain.

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To achieve this, many companies use 2D barcodes, vision systems, and image-based barcode readers as key components in a simple yet robust traceability system. Data Matrix codes have been adopted as standard in many applications because they allow the storage of information such as manufacturer, product ID, lot number, expiry, and even a unique serial number.

Track and trace solutions assure full compliance with food safety and traceability laws by capturing an image of a code at each scan point and storing its encoded data in a central database. Cognex barcode readers reliably read 1D and 2D codes at read rates of 99.9% regardless of barcode quality or orientation. Image-based barcode readers have the speed and accuracy to ensure packages of all shapes and sizes are properly sorted, picked, stored, or shipped and can be easily identified and located in the event of a product recall. In-Sight vision systems with AI-based OCR tools read alphanumeric date/lot codes and store the information in a central database that can track and trace goods throughout the supply chain.

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