Machine Tending with VGR

Vision-guided robotics handle complex alignment for standalone machine tending during panel production and lamination

Machine Tending with VGR

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OEMs rely on machine tending to load parts which arrive on trays into a machine’s test nest, and then unload them onto conveyors. Loading is often performed robotically at standalone stations with their own power feeds. Standalone stations that are manned robotically must be able to locate a part moving on a conveyor and accurately pick and place it in the nest.

It can be difficult to guide the robot’s gripper based on a part’s pose in the tray and test nest location. Guiding the robotic arm to the part’s location is a calibration challenge, as is aligning the gripper to the part. Sometimes, the gripper process causes slippage and gripper error. Placement challenges continue once the part is picked and must be placed accurately. Vision-guided robotic machine tending is especially important during OLED panel production.

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Cognex solves machine tending challenges for OLED display manufacturing with vision-guided robotics (VGR)—a unique single-camera guidance solution with automatic hand-eye calibration. VGR extracts feature locations for both parts and test nests, then combines the feature location with Cognex Auto Calibration, to accurately load and unload parts. Cognex PatMax technology and closed-loop alignment remove the need for mechanical fixtures and correct for robot inaccuracy.

OLED Panel Production

  • Cognex vision-guided robotics load the glass substrate and unload the finished panel


  • Cognex vision-guided robotics load the OLED display panel from trays into test fixtures for programming and testing 

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