Pocket Tissue Packaging Inspection

Check the perforated opening in small tissue packs

Overhead vision system inspecting the perforated opening on plastic packaging of pocket tissue packs for damage or defects.

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Small tissue packs or pocket tissues have a perforated semicircle near one end to make the package easy to open without additional tabs, pulls, or other materials. The perforations are made mechanically or by laser. If the perforations are not deep enough or located in the wrong place, the package will be difficult to open, causing frustration for the consumer.

Packs can contain varying amounts of tissue or can be packaged with different branding and artwork. Traditional rule-based machine vision requires a significant amount of time and effort to reprogram for each new variation.

Because the perforations are very low contrast and hard to detect on the packages’ reflective material, traditional machine vision has trouble assessing whether the perforations are at the correct depth.

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The best way to ensure that the perforations are properly located and of adequate depth is through a combination of traditional machine vision and Cognex AI-based solutions. The tools work together, each using its specific strengths, to locate and analyze the perforations.

Cognex AI-powered technology is ideal for deciding whether the level of perforation is adequate for package opening. The defect detection tool trains on images of packages with good and bad perforations and automatically distinguishes between them without human intervention.

If product volume or package design changes, the defect detection tool retrains with a new image set and can be back in operation with minimal delay.


  • Ensure a good consumer experience
  • Detect subtle defects that affect brand value
  • Prevent package damage


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