Brake Pad Inspection

Vision systems guide pick-and-place process, provide complete traceability

brake pads on rotor

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Brake pad performance is critical to ensure safe braking. Brake pads are manufactured to high quality standards with multiple processing steps. It is essential that each part be inspected to ensure it meets rigorous quality specifications. Typical inspections include verifying that the brake pad has the correct friction material, its measurements meet specified tolerances and the pad has been ground correctly. Manual inspection is difficult to achieve due to the high speed of production.

Non-contact Brake Pad Inspection

Cognex® In-Sight® vision systems provide a simple non-contact solution for automated brake pad inspection that helps eliminate brake pad defects and part recalls. Numerous In-Sight vision systems have been successfully integrated into brake pad production lines. Typical inspections include: reading date and lot codes and labels that have been applied, dimensional analysis and confirmation that the pad has been correctly ground. In-Sight smart cameras can also be used to inspect the rivets to make sure that the friction material is secured correctly. In-Sight provides 99.99% accuracy and has the flexibility to adapt to new brake pad designs without expensive probes and mechanical fixturing. In-Sight processes data onboard the camera which means an external computer is not required. 


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