The Critical Role of OCR Tools in Machine Vision

Today, manufacturing professionals need the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Optical Character Verification (OCV) tools in their machine vision systems to:

  • Learn and read any printed font
  • Read text even when there is less contrast between type and background
  • Read text even when there is significant variation in width and height
  • Read text when letters are touching, skewed, and distorted

OCRMax™ delivers exceptional performance in all of these areas by bringing better approaches to image pre-processing, segmentation, classification, , fielding and font training and management. When combined together, these features give users the chance to optimize the OCR/OCV for millisecond character reads, 99.99% read rates, or anywhere in between. OCRMax performance has been tested and proven on many large databases representing character recognition challenges in virtually any environment. Current industry applications for OCRMax include:

  • Reading date and lot codes, print verification, label verification in food and beverage plants
  • Reading VIN numbers and part identification codes on metal parts in auto manufacturing
  • Reading expiry dates, serial numbers, and label verification on consumer goods
  • Reading date and lot codes, print verification, label verification in pharmaceutical production

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