Six Questions to Ask Your Vision System Supplier

Even the highest performance vision system is only as good as the suppliers who stand behind it. Whether you buy your vision system from a distributor, a systems integrator, or direct from the manufacturer, it’s important to know in advance the full range of support services available to you. Be sure that the vision supplier you choose understands your unique support requirements and provides you with all of the resources you will need during every phase of the project, from application development and systems integration, to deployment and beyond.

Important questions to consider include:

  1. Can the vision supplier provide a dedicated machine vision specialist to assist you with the initial application evaluation? It’s important to work with experienced sales and applications engineers to make sure that the application can be done, and at the right price/performance.
  2. Does the vision system manufacturer have a global network for post-sales support? This is especially important if the system is commissioned in one location and shipped to another.
  3. Does the vision system manufacturer offer a wide range of cost effective training and support options, including online self-help and training courses, worldwide phone support, and personalized training services?
  4. If you are buying from a distributor or systems integrator, are they authorized partners of the vision system manufacturer?
  5. Does the vision system manufacturer have a history of successful installations and the financial stability to support your needs over the long term?
  6. Does the vision supplier offer more sophisticated systems and tools if your application requires it, or if your needs change?

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