No Reads

No reads are a very important metric for DCs. A no read is an attempt to read a barcode on a package which results in a non-successful read. Having no reads means that a package needs to be manually handled or a package could make its way onto a truck and out for shipment without the data making it into the system. This costs DCs time, and ultimately money.

Packages rejected due to no reads must be manually keyed in by a worker. And, if the system isn't setup to reject packages with no reads, the master DC database could contain incomplete information about locations of packages and workers must manually update data.

Increasing read rates, even as little as 1%, can provide large savings. In the example below, pulled from our white paper When 99% Just Isn’t Enough: Benefits of Improved Read Rates in Logistics Scanning I illustrate the financial impact no reads can have on DCs. An investment in barcode reading technology that can provide higher read rates has a direct impact on the bottom line.No_Reads

The DataMan 503 Series uses proprietary Cognex Hotbars image-analysis technology. That's a really long name for this amazing technology we developed at Cognex that has revolutionized how barcodes can be read. This software has enabled Cognex barcode readers to be fast and read barcodes that others cannot. This is why we say 99% read rates aren't enough.

You can read more about Hotbars, but I encourage you to arrange for someone come out and show you. It is great technology and will help you increase your read rates.

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