8 Reasons to Choose Image-Based Barcode Readers

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Image-based barcode readers are rapidly replacing manual processes and laser scanners in a wide range of industries including food and beverage, consumer goods, pharmaceutical, and logistics. When considering a transition from laser scanners to image-based barcode readers, many think the investment cost is too high. But thanks to advances in technology, image-based barcode readers are not only comparable in price to laser scanner technology, but are also more powerful.

Despite being an older technology, laser scanners have some operational benefits. Laser scanners do not require an image processor. They are also fast, capable of conducting up to 1,300 scans per second. Finally, because they use lasers—collimated beams of light that essentially do not diverge no matter how far the light travels from the source—they can read 1D barcodes from relatively long distances with the use of special optics. However, there are at least 8 reasons to choose image-based barcode readers over laser scanners, including:

  1. Read rate performance: achieve higher read rates even on challenging barcodes
  2. Omnidirectional code reading: read barcodes from any angle or orientation
  3. 2D code reading: read Data Matrix, QR, and direct part marked (DPM) codes
  4. Lenses and lights: autofocus and lighting options offer flexibility for variable applications
  5. Image visualization and archiving: see what the reader sees to understand issues and improve processes
  6. Barcode quality feedback: grade barcode quality to identify problems faster
  7. Communications: a full range of industrial communication protocols simplifies integration
  8. Cost of ownership: reduce costs over time with no moving parts and firmware update program

8 Reasons to Choose Barcode Readers Infographic

If you are currently using laser scanners, now is the time to investigate the advantages of image-based barcode readers. You may find that image-based barcode readers open up new opportunities for your operation to identify, track, and trace items more effectively throughout the supply chain.

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