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The Code 93 barcode is an updated, more secure and compact version of the Code 39 barcode, which is able to read both letters and numbers. It is used in the military and automotive fields, as well as by Canada Post to encode special delivery information.

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Specifications: Like Code 39, the Code 93 barcode has start and end symbols that cannot be expressed in regular ASCII characters, but are instead generally designated as *. After the start symbol is the encoded data. Like with Code 39, each letter is represented by a certain numerical value. After the data comes a two character check number, which is calculated to ensure accuracy when entering in the code by hand. The two characters are called "Modulo-47 Check Character C" and "Modulo-47 Check Character K." A certain combining of the numbers in the code yields a remainder, and the corresponding letter or number becomes Check Character C or K. After the check number is the stop character, followed by a termination bar, to indicate the end of the barcode.

Advantages: A code 93 barcode is smaller and more efficient than Code 39 and has greater data redundancy, to provide higher security. It also includes 5 special characters that Code 39 does not have.

Disadvantages: Unlike Code 39, Code 93 is not self-checking and, as such, requires a check digit.

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Code 39 - The older version of Code 93. It was the first barcode ever to use both letters and numbers.


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