Mark and Read Solutions

Confirm product quality, coding, and packaging integrity

Cognex insight scanning icecone package along conveyor

Cognex machine vision supports product identification and traceability through direct integration with CoLOS, the information management from Markem-Imaje. CoLOS is a scalable modular solution that reduces waste from coding and marking errors, increases line efficiency, and protects brand value by ensuring printing compliance. Cognex cameras embedded in CoLOS’s mark-and-read machines confirm that every code printed is present, readable, and contains the right data. Cameras also check that pre-printed packaging materials are correct for every individual product being manufactured.

Code and packaging inspection with CoLos:
  • Ensures codes are error-free
  • Confirms the right packaging material has been used
  • Reduces product rework and scrap
  • Detects and corrects coding and packaging errors in real time
CoLOS body
Mark-and-read solutions from Cognex and Markem-Imaje ensure that codes are properly printed and contain accurate data.


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