Human Blood Fractionation and Buffy Coat Extraction

Medical machine vision and deep learning technology ensure proper identification and aspiration of the buffy coat layer

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After a laboratory centrifuges blood samples into its component parts of red blood cells, serum, and the buffy coat layer it must identify and measure the components before extraction or analysis can begin. Due to the biological variation of blood samples it can be difficult to identify the individual layers of fractionated blood and the volume of each layer in most labs. Because of the processes’ complexity it is still typically performed manually, by the human eye, leading to both cost inefficiencies and varying results from one lab technician to the next.

Accurately identifying and extracting the buffy coat layer from fractionated human blood is important for the life sciences industry. The buffy coat is DNA and RNA rich, which makes it very useful for DNA and RNA replication and other research models.

Buffy coat measurement and plasma height

By combining traditional machine vision measurement tools with deep learning technology, automated medical instruments can more accurately and consistently identify the buffy coat layer of fractionated blood and measure its size down to the micron.

After blood has been fractionated, Cognex Deep Learning classification tools train on samples of blood layers to accurately identify the meniscus for red blood cells, serum, and the buffy coat. Then, applying traditional machine vision edge tools, the automated workflow of the instrument can accurately measure the exact location of the buffy coat along with the amount of buffy coat that needs to be extracted.

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