Automated Sorting

Cognex barcode readers sort food and beverage packages for distribution

Cognex dataman box packaged food automated sorting conveyor belts

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Automated sorting systems use 1-D and 2-D codes to move, sort, and track boxes through a facility. A manufacturing plant will commonly sort many boxes arriving on a single conveyor into multiple lanes for shipping based on their barcodes. According to the data encoded in each barcode, the conveyor sorts and directs packages for shipping. Labels may be applied to the wrong sides of boxes or need to be read from extreme angles. Others may be compromised or damaged and need to be identified quickly to correct problems. The ability to read these types of codes swiftly and accurately is fundamental to any operation tracking and tracing goods for warehousing and shipping.

DataMan barcode readers with Xpand technology provide a wide depth of field, and liquid lens technology enables a long depth of field. Together, they accommodate perspective distortion and allow DataMan readers to identify codes at varying heights and depths.

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