Makeup Kit Assembly Verification

Confirm the presence and position of cosmetic kit components

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Color and texture of cosmetics is important in makeup kit. A tone that is a shade lighter or darker than anticipated can result in a mismatch with skin or desired look. Consumers are extremely precise about their desired colors. As cosmetics design and manufacturing have grown more sophisticated, so have consumer demands.

Cosmetics packaging has also become more customized. A wide variety of primers, foundations, blushes, glosses, powders, bronzers, and other textures and forms of makeup can be in a single makeup palette or kit, and each kit may differ from the one before, both in selection and in placement.

As a result, it has become significantly more complex to visually inspect makeup kits for completeness and correctness. The increasing range of texture and color combinations have made it difficult to program conventional machine vision to reliably identify each component. Small errors in the contents of a palette can have significant negative effects in this demanding market, leading to lost reputation and sales.

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AI-based technology distinguishes subtle variations in color and texture at the same time. The assembly verification tool is trained on image sets of the wide variety of products that might be included in a makeup palette. Then it precisely locates and defines each product in every kit it inspects, noting missing, misplaced, or underfilled products. Accurate makeup kit assembly verification with deep learning ensures defective products are not shipped out for sale, guaranteeing quality, and preserving brand reputation.


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