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Maximize throughput with presentation scanning

Presentation scanning parcel under mounted dataman 470

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As retail order volume and customer demands increase, retail distributors are picking and shipping more goods every day. Reliable barcode reading solutions are increasingly critical to help retail operations prevent or correct label and shipping errors, improve efficiency and throughput, and cut maintenance costs. Tracking consumer packaged goods (CPG) from the warehouse to their final points of sale requires rapid scanning. Distribution centers track and sort goods by the 1D and 2D codes located on various sides of items. The picking line is a high-volume environment where cost savings directly correlate to speed and accuracy. Cartons arriving from the manufacturer must be packaged and then palletized for delivery, but hand scanning is both too slow and carries too much potential for human error. When operators must manually present barcodes to a scanner several times to obtain a successful read, this results in costly rework, delays, and inaccuracies.

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Despite presentation scanning challenges, Cognex image-based barcode readers improve pick-and-pack sorting times and maximize throughput. Manual pick and pack sorting applications use fixed-mount barcode readers to scan barcodes and verify that the item in hand matches the order. Cognex readers can read codes at angles exceeding 85 degrees, providing the highest read rates while minimizing downtime and speeding delivery. Visual indicators provide performance feedback for each package to ensure a successful scan.

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