Pharmaceuticals Protection

Pharmaceutical Protection

Inspection and ID solutions for process efficiency, product quality, and compliance

Expiring patents, low price generics, high R&D costs, and narrowing margins make improved process efficiency and profitability through Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) improvements increasingly important to the pharmaceutical industry. Cognex vision and ID products help with three traditional OEE drivers:
  • Material handling efficiency and flexibility
  • Product quality and yield
  • Package safety and integrity

Brand Protection and Compliance

As you prepare for compliance with global traceability requirements and transition from batch to item level serialization, it’s important to keep in mind that compliance requires much more than simply reading a code on a label or part. For mass serialization to support traceability, it is first essential to verify code quality and validate that all of the encoded data is accurate and correctly formatted.

Cognex In-Sight® Track & Trace works with networked In-Sight vision systems to create a complete identification and data verification solution for serialized labels on pharmaceutical packaging.

Full Range of Inspection and ID Solutions

Cognex offers the widest range of vision and ID products available from a single source to provide you with a solution for every application and budget.

Application Examples

  • Detect presence of inserted or attached instruction leaflets on packaging
  • Verify presence of caps and safety seals on bottles
  • Check for missing, incorrect, or damaged capsules in blister packs
  • Inspect for particulates or flawed tablets or capsules in bottles
  • Detect errors on rolls of labels
  • Check label position
  • Read codes and verify text on flexible films and packages
  • Read 1D and 2D codes and text on labels
  • Read barcodes and text on flat, curved or shiny surfaces
  • Read and verify 2D codes printed direct on a product or container surface
  • Automate production with the ability to sort products or orient them for filling or packaging


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