Item Verification

Increase traceability and verify pick accuracy using precise dimensional and volumetric data

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E-commerce and fulfillment facilities pride themselves on order accuracy and delivering on their brand promise. Shipping incorrect items costs money and rework time. One way to do this is to implement traceability across the supply chain.

However, during high-volume operations where there is pressure to decrease order cycle times, verifying order contents can be challenging, especially if complete item information is not available at each step in the process. Many organizations perform manual checks either visually or by scanning the barcode label on the item. This is effective if the code label is correct. However, if the code is mis-read, the item information may not be captured correctly, it can affect the order quality. If this happens, operators either rely on the information on the barcode label or give their best guess. This causes errors, rework, and extra shipping costs to rectify the situation.

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The Cognex 3D-A1000 dimensioning system, which features a 3D and 2D camera system, increases traceability throughout the order fulfillment process by capturing dimensional data and sending it to systems that can verify that the item is indeed the proper item that was ordered. This offers an additional layer of verification to the barcode information. The 3D-A1000 provides accurate item-level dimensions to properly categorize and verify the correct item. Automating the process of verifying an item picked against what was ordered using dimensional data helps improve order accuracy, shortens order cycle time, and reduces the costs associated with incorrect shipments.

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