Order Fulfillment

Process more orders, improve order accuracy, and reduce order cycle times

Order fulfillment is an important step within the supply chain process because it is how people obtain the product they’ve purchased. Within the order fulfillment area of a logistics warehouse, customer orders are matched with goods that have come in through the inbound receiving doors. Once goods have been received, the process of fulfilling orders begins.

During the order fulfillment process, packages are processed, stored, and packed to align with the requirements of customer orders. Common applications within order fulfillment include optimizing the use of totes and gaylords, verifying items, picking and packing items, placing and verifying internal tracking and shipping labels, and ensuring packages are used to their full capacity.

High-performance, industrial barcode readers and machine vision systems are playing a critical role in helping organizations meet order demand and increase the efficiency of the order fulfillment process. With performance feedback and analytics insights from these solutions, companies can fine-tune their operations to identify problems before they become larger and more expensive.

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