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Barcode readers authenticate products susceptible to counterfeiting to avoid unauthorized sales

Anti-counterfeiting and authentication

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Some food items, especially olive oil and honey, are susceptible to counterfeiting when their origin and their authenticity cannot be verified. Counterfeit food items deceive the public, wholesalers, and retailers, as well as pose serious health concerns. Many governments have instituted mandatory new regulations to deter food and beverage counterfeiting. Counterfeiting concerns impact not just manufacturers, which are responsible for the individual serialization of their products, but also the distributors and retailers bringing them to market.

To combat the distribution of falsified, mislabeled, and potentially hazardous food items, manufactuers are turning to item-level serialization. DataMatrix symbology encodes information about the manufacturer, product ID, expiration, and a unique serial number in every finished good. Codes can be printed onto individual items, as well as their packaging. This makes commonly counterfeited goods traceable and authenticable at multiple stages of handling and at the point of sale.

Cognex track and trace solutions authenticate and verify products along the supply chain. The Cognex DataMan 260 reads codes quickly and accurately to maximize throughput, and features reject control and optional image storage of no-reads or string validation failures to fight counterfeiting.

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