Label quality inspection

Detect label defects or errors and meet quality standards

Machine vision camera inspecting label quality on liquid hand soap containers

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Consumer product labels contain product-specific data such as origin, date, expiry, amount, or class. In many factories, machine vision controls the alignment and placement of labels, as well as the inspection. Smudged ink and low-contrast printing commonly affect print and apply inkjet labels, jeopardizing the readability of many barcodes. Barcode printing errors and poor label quality require manual intervention, slowing down production and presenting challenges to vendors and partners.

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During the label application process, many defects are hard to detect due to the orientation on the belt and the curved surfaces of items. Quality inspections ensure product labeling is defect- and error-free. AI-based vision systems and software identify defective labels and classify them based on the defect (wrinkles, air bubbles, rips, or other raised errors).

Training on new label designs requires only a new set of training images and takes only a few minutes.

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