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Verify that finished products are correctly assembled

White rolled material inspection deep learning identifies stain

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Manufacturers rely on automated inspections to detect missing items and verify that products have been assembled correctly before they are shipped.  Assembly errors can occur during production or later during packaging, when items are grouped and wrapped. Identifying that the right parts have been assembled can be challenging when parts are small, or when identifying marks are confusing or partially hidden.  Quality inspections during this stage help confirm the presence and correct assembly of products before they leave the facility. 

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Cognex line scan cameras support part inspection on continuous web materials to ensure they are correctly assembled, tamper-proof, and complete.  The In-Sight 9902L line scan camera performs discrete inspections of continuous materials to check for defects such as stains and triggers a rejection when a fault is detected. This helps manufacturers remain confident that only complete, defect-free products reach their customers.

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