Decorative Panel Inspection

Using deep learning solutions to ensure the correct decorative panels are installed

Cognex deep learning classifies decoration panel for assembled car door interior

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Each vehicle on the production line can have different decorative interior paneling depending on the sequence of orders. One popular option for decorative paneling is synthetic wood whose grain varies the same way as that of real wood. Every piece of paneling looks genuinely unique. The appearance of these decorative panels can vary enough in color, pattern, and density to make it nearly impossible to reliably use traditional machine vision to ensure the correct decorative panel was installed. These decorative panels must be accurately and quickly classified so that their proper assembly can then be verified.

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Cognex Deep Learning simplifies and automates the identification of any woodgrain trim or carbon-textured pattern pieces prior to installation. It is trained on a set of labeled images containing many examples for each type of decoration panel. Using this data set, Cognex Deep Learning quickly distinguishes even extremely similar woodgrains or other patterns from each other, ensuring that the right type of panel is always installed according to specification.

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