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Cognex Services

Warranty Services Definitions

Warranty or out-of-warranty repair services

Post Warranty or Out-of-Warranty Repair Services

To ensure the proper operation of installed systems and minimize risk on critical inspections sites, Cognex offers a comprehensive Hardware Extended Warranty program for its vision systems. A Hardware Extended Warranty can be purchased for eligible products in 6-, 12-, and 24-month increments. Extended warranties may be purchased at any time during the initial or extended product warranty period. Hardware Extended Programs ensure shipping of replacement systems within 2 business days of notification of the failure.

If for any reason the system fails outside of the Warranty Period, Cognex may propose several alternatives, including acquisition of a replacement unit, Hot Swap replacement, or, in some cases, return-and-repair services.

Dead on Arrival (DOA)

A system is considered DOA, if upon receipt the system appears to work improperly. In these cases Cognex will ship a new unit for replacement.

Note: Third-party accessories may require return and repair.

Eligible Lifecycle Stages: Active, NINA

Standard Repair

After Cognex accepts the repair request return authorization (RA), we will repair or replace the unit (unless the customer agreement does not permit replacement). After repair, the board will be inspected and tested as per our standard manufacturing process. The repaired product will come with a standard repair warranty of 3 months.

Eligible Lifecycle Stages: Active, NINA, Inactive

End-of-Standard Repair (also known as EOS date)

During the Last-Time Buy, Cognex will notify customers of the EOS date. After the EOS date, Cognex may provide "Best Effort" repairs only. Cognex cannot guarantee to perform all types of repairs during the Inactive period, due to component obsolescence. In this case, we will notify customers of any limitations.

Eligible Lifecycle Stages: Inactive and sometimes Obsolete

Hot Swap Program

The Cognex Hot Swap Program is ideal for customers with a failed board, box, or vision system (accessories not covered) that requires immediate field replacement. Upon Customer's notification (8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday, not including Cognex holidays and public holidays, in the country of destination), Cognex will ship a permanent replacement for a failed part covered by the program within 2 business days to the location specified by the customer.

The program covers the cost of the shipment for the part to be replaced to the customer's site where the program was purchased. In exchange, the customer must immediately return the failed board, box, or vision system to Cognex. If the failed part is not received within 30 days, the customer will be invoiced the full list price of the product. The customer will also be invoiced the full list price if the returned product is damaged beyond repair, provided that this is not covered by the standard warranty. Cognex Technical Support engineers are available during business hours to offer further assistance with diagnosing vision system problems. For any further questions regarding the Hot Swap Program or other related services, please contact our Product Services Department.

Eligible Lifecycle Stages: Active and NINA.

Best-Effort Repair

As long as Cognex has parts and equipment to repair a product, repair orders will be accepted even when a product becomes obsolete. However, repairs or replacements on obsolete parts cannot be guaranteed.

If a board cannot be repaired, it will be returned to the customer at no charge. RAs must be approved before submitting the unit for repair.

Eligible Lifecycle Stages: Obsolete

Not Supported

Note: Cognex may not be able to plan the end of the "Best Effort" repair period due to component or equipment obsolescence

Eligible Lifecycle Stages: Inactive and Obsolete

End-of-Life Process

During the complete lifecycle of a product, the End-of- Life process includes the Active, Not Intended for New Applications (NINA), Inactive, and Obsolete stages. Service offering may be different for the different lifecycle stages.

Eligible Lifecycle Stages: Please see Product Services Categories for more information.

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