In-Sight Laser Profiler

In-Sight Laser Profiler Applications

The In-Sight Laser Profiler performs precise, repeatable measurements for a wide variety of industries.


Ideal for a wide range of automotive applications including: inspecting the thickness of clutch plates, measuring the area of weld seams, checking the position of sun roof adhesive and inspecting engine block alignment.

Airbag compartment cover gap measurement
Bearing inspection
Brake pad inspection
Car seat wrinkle detection
Clutch plate inspection
Engine block alignment inspection
Engine block piston head height inspection
Flush and gap measurement
Sunroof adhesive inspection
Tire tread profile measurement
Weld seam inspection

Consumer Products

To ensure adherence to specifications, manufacturers rely on measurements sensors to: identify defects on continuously-formed extrusions, verify correct fiber cable winding and inspect the tongue and grooves on lumber.

Angled sheet metal inspection
Dry wall surface defect detection
Extrusion inspection
Fiber cable winding inspection
Position and tracking verification
Rivet inspection
Surface wrinkle detection
Tongue and groove inspection


The electronics industry relies on micron-level accuracy when performing inspections on very small components such as: verifying the correct button height, coplanarity of connector pins and inspecting SIM card flushness.

Button height inspection
Component verification
Coplanarity pin inspection
Housing dimension inspection
Keyboard flatness measurement
Screw insertion depth check
SIMM tray flushness inspection
Substrate in pocket inspection
Terminal height measurement
Terminal height measurement

Food and Beverage

Ensuring consumer safety and quality is important in the food and beverage industry. Laser profilers measure food items to prevent undercooking, verify the proper placement of caps and ensure packaging seals are intact.

Food portioning verification
Food uniformity inspection
Injection molded cup inspection
Package seal inspection
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