Carton Tracking on Picking Lines

Read 2D codes on high-speed picking lines to increase throughput and eliminate errors

Cigarette Carton Tracking on Picking Lines

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The picking line is a high-volume environment where cost savings are realized through speed and accuracy. Cigarette cartons arriving from the tobacco manufacturer are manually loaded on to picking line conveyers to be packaged into cases and then palletized for delivery. Laser-printed Data Matrix codes on the outside of the cartons are used to track and trace the tobacco products, but manually scanning these codes is both too slow and carries too much potential for human error.

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Cognex image-based barcode readers provide a reliable automated solution to this process that eliminates error and increases throughput. DataMan 262X image-based barcode readers decipher cigarette carton codes on both sides of the conveyor, stopping the belt in the event of a bad read. A simple red and green indicator shows pickers the status of each scan, while a display screen indicates where each carton belongs. In instances where cigarette cartons cannot be read, explanations can be logged for complete audit compliance.

DataMan 262 readers are mounted using an integrated mirror and bracket, allowing for a very small footprint on the line and unobstructed operator movement. In facilities with greater throughput requirements, additional DataMan 262 readers can be easily added with data from each automatically aggregated using proprietary multi-reader sync technology.

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