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Improve pick times and accuracy with image-based barcode readers

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Man holding Cognex DataMan 370

DataMan 370 Series

Fixed-mount barcode readers deliver superior read performance for the broadest range of applications.

hand holding a Cognex Dataman 470

DataMan 470 Series

Fixed-mount barcode readers solve complex, high-throughput manufacturing and logistics applications with ease.

Customer demand is increasing at a rapid rate and ops teams are trying to find ways to increase throughput of operators while maintaining processing quality. Typically, there are two choices to meet this increased demand: hire more operators; or find ways to increase existing operator efficiency. Many companies choose the latter option first. During the pick process, operators must be able to quickly scan items to verify against the order pick plan while maintaining the speed required to increase their throughput.

Several factors create challenges to these processes. Codes, which are located on various sides of items, can be damaged from transport or handling, and operators must attempt several scans before getting a good read. Older technology, such as laser barcode scanners, are often unreliable when it comes to reading damaged codes. Additionally, when using handheld or ring scanners, operators must always have one hand available to aim their device, which takes extra time. Handheld scanning technology is almost inevitably associated with high rates of breakage, loss, or connectivity issues – all of which can be very disruptive.

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Deploying a hands-free barcode reading solution using DataMan 370 or DataMan 470 fixed-mount barcode readers mounted overhead solves these challenges. Cognex barcode readers use image-based scanning technology and industry-leading advanced algorithms and decoding technology to successfully read damaged, smudged, or distorted codes better than any other laser or line scan technology on the market. The overhead scanning configuration allows operators to quickly scan codes from any orientation – upside down, sideways, even extreme angles of up to 85 degrees. Using this method, operators can improve throughput and meet increased demand by processing more orders against the pick plan.

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